Breakout Rooms - You have exactly 60 minutes to escape!

In a Breakout Room your group will be locked into a locked room. Here, players must investigate and explore the room all over to find clues, solve codes and puzzles and most importantly, cooperate and share knowledge  in order to find the way out of the room within the prescribed time frame. Breakout Rooms is perfect as team building and as the end of your meeting day.

In our facilities next door at Amaliegade 32, our 10 Breakout Rooms can accommodate up to 66 participants. In combination with our BREAKOUT GAME "Bomb in Box" you can be up to 138 participants simultaneously.

Breakout Rooms - Live Escape Room

  • Up to 138 participants at the same time

  • From prize: Kr. 1280,- (excl. VAT) pr. room

  • Time frame: approx. 1-2 hours

  • 4 different themes

  • To be settled in our facilities next door at Amaliegade 32

Presentation: Escape Game - Bomb In A Box

Live Escape Game as a break from the meeting

Live Escape Game 'Bomb-in-a-box' is an entertaining activity that will give you a fun and educational end to your meeting day.

In a Live Escape Game, the participants must work together to solve a number of tasks that set different requirements for the participants' abilities. Some tasks require logical thinking, others require you to be creative while there is also need for patience and the ability to keep an overview.

In short, the game works so very well as a team building activity for all types of participants, where you experience the adrenaline when the clock is ticking and the good sense of team spirit when you solve one of the many tasks.

Book Escape Game "Bomb In A Box" and finish the meeting with a fun and different experience.