Meeting Room: The Little Mermaid + H.C. Andersen

Book a combination of the Meeting Rooms The Little Mermaid and H.C. Andersen

Combi meeting room with room for up to 72 participants. You can use the on-site mini bar, Chat Board, Flipchart, and 2 big screens. In addition, there is a lounge area in the room for free use.

Meeting Room The Little Mermaid and H.C. Andersen are separated by a dividing door that can be opened, so that both can use the facilities as a single room.

Mødelokaler i københavn
Stort mødelokale i københavn
Mødelokale KBH
Mødelokale lounge
Mødelokale H.C. Andersen
Mødelokale den lille havfrue

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Meeting Room: Little Mermaid + H.C. Andersen

  • 72 participants (Theater)

  • 40 participants (Meeting Tables)

  • 36 participants (School tables)

  • Price: kr. 700,-/hr (excl. VAT)

  • Size: 64 m2 - lounge area incl.

  • Catering available (optional)

  • Teambuilding available (optional)

  • BreakoutRoom available (optional)


Combi Meeting Room - The Little Mermaid +  H.C. Andersen

With a combination of the meeting rooms The Little Mermaid and H.C. Andersen, there is room for up to 72 meeting participants in the same room. The elongated meeting room has a lounge area and direct access to a cozy yard area, which you can take advantage of for a break.

Meeting Day with catering

If you want catering for your next meeting day at CityMeetings, we can arrange for different delicious meals. At we only use quality suppliers, where we can vouch for the products.
Check out our catering page which options for catering we offer.

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Meeting Day with Team Building

At CityMeetings, we are experts in fun and inspiring team building that gives the participants "aha" experiences and gives the team a fresh breath. All our exercises are fun to be a part of and do not cross any lines, so everyone will feel comfortable during the process.

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Meeting Day with Breakout Rooms

With our fun and challenging Breakout Rooms, you have the opportunity to have a very special meeting day. As something unique, we can offer Breakout Rooms up to 66 participants at the same time and at the same location as our meeting rooms. Read more and be inspired for your next meeting.

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