Great food and drinks for your meeting day at CityMeetings

All prices are stated incl. VAT

Coffee, tea, bottled water (w/wo sparkles) & fruit & cake

  • 3-4 hours: kr. 75,-/person

  • 5-6 hours: kr. 90,-/person

  • 7-8 hours: kr. 100,-/person

  • Breakfast (Morning buns, Marmelade, Cheese, Butter, fruit, Coffee, Tea, Juice): kr. 125,-/person

  • 2 pcs. Danish "Smørrebrød", unspecified): kr. 100,-

  • Lunch buffet incl. 1 soda/beer: kr. 200,-/person
    Mon-Fri:Hot dish of the day, cold cuts, seasonal salad & 2 kinds of delicious bread
    Sat/Sun: Danish "Smørrebrød"

Breakfast, lunchbuffet, Smørrebrød/Toast and drinks-packages must be ordered for min. 6 persons.
ATTENTION! Lunch buffet is only possible Monday to Friday
No Outside Food or Drink Allowed.

All prices are per. person incl. VAT

Mini-Bar (Beverages)

  • Bottled Water: kr. 25,-

  • Sparkling water: kr. 25,-

  • Coca-cola: kr. 25,-

  • Cola Zero: kr. 25,-

  • Faxe Kondi (sports soda): kr. 25,-

  • Fanta (orange soda): kr. 25,-

  • Organic Soda (Orange & mango): kr. 25,-

  • Organic Soda (Lemon & ginger): kr. 25,-

  • Organic Soda (Apple & blackcurrant): kr. 25,-

  • Tuborg Classic (Pilsner): kr. 25,-

  • Tuborg (Pilsner): kr. 25,-

  • Carlsberg (Pilsner): kr. 25,-

  • 1 glass of house wine (Red/white): kr. 25,-

All prices are stated excl. VAT

At CityMeetings, you can purchase different types of delicious meals for your meetings in our meeting rooms. All meeting rooms are equipped with a mini-bar, so you can have cold drinks during the meeting. At booking, you can order breakfast, coffee / tea / fruit & cake. Contact us if you have any special requests for catering.

Danish "Smørrebrød" - unspecified - examples:

  • Fish fillet with remoulade
  • The amazing "smørrebrød" with potato"
  • Meatball with red cabbage and sour
  • Roast pork with red cabbage and sour
  • Amazing pork patty with sour
  • Roast beef with all the good stuff
  • Lovely "smørrebrød" with eggs
  • Eggs & shrimps, Chicken breast in curry
  • Danish paté
  • Classic danish "veterinarian's midnight snack"

Vegetarian & Vegan:

Vegans can get served salad instead of "smørrebrød".

Lunch Buffet:

  • Hot dish of the day
  • Selection of cold cuts
  • Seasonal salad
  • 2 kinds of delicious bread

NOTE! Lunch buffet is only possible Monday to Friday.