Great food and drinks for your meeting day at CityMeetings

All prices are stated incl. VAT

Bring your own food and drinks in the meeting room

  • 3-4 hours: kr. 25,-/person

  • 5-6 hours: kr. 40,-/person

  • 7-8 hours: kr. 50,-/person

Coffee, tea, bottled water (w/wo sparkles) & fruit & cake

  • 3-4 hours: kr. 75,-/person

  • 5-6 hours: kr. 90,-/person

  • 7-8 hours: kr. 100,-/person

  • Breakfast (Morning buns, Marmelade, Cheese, Butter, fruit, Coffee, Tea, Juice): kr. 125,-/person

  • 2 pcs. Danish "Smørrebrød", unspecified): kr. 100,-

  • Lunch buffet incl. 1 soda/beer: kr. 200,-/person
    Mon-Fri:Hot dish of the day, cold cuts, seasonal salad & 2 kinds of delicious bread
    Sat/Sun: Danish "Smørrebrød"

Breakfast, lunchbuffet, Smørrebrød/Toast and drinks-packages must be ordered for min. 10 persons.
ATTENTION! Lunch buffet is only possible Monday to Friday
No Outside Food or Drink Allowed.

All prices are per. person incl. VAT

Mini-Bar (Beverages)

  • Bottled Water: kr. 25,-

  • Sparkling water: kr. 25,-

  • Coca-cola: kr. 25,-

  • Cola Zero: kr. 25,-

  • Faxe Kondi (sports soda): kr. 25,-

  • Fanta (orange soda): kr. 25,-

  • Organic Soda (Orange & mango): kr. 25,-

  • Organic Soda (Lemon & ginger): kr. 25,-

  • Organic Soda (Apple & blackcurrant): kr. 25,-

  • Tuborg Classic (Pilsner): kr. 25,-

  • Tuborg (Pilsner): kr. 25,-

  • Carlsberg (Pilsner): kr. 25,-

  • 1 glass of house wine (Red/white): kr. 25,-

All prices are stated excl. VAT

At CityMeetings, you can purchase different types of delicious meals for your meetings in our meeting rooms. All meeting rooms are equipped with a mini-bar, so you can have cold drinks during the meeting. At booking, you can order breakfast, coffee / tea / fruit & cake. Contact us if you have any special requests for catering.

Danish "Smørrebrød" - unspecified - examples:

  • Fish fillet with remoulade
  • The amazing "smørrebrød" with potato"
  • Meatball with red cabbage and sour
  • Roast pork with red cabbage and sour
  • Amazing pork patty with sour
  • Roast beef with all the good stuff
  • Lovely "smørrebrød" with eggs
  • Eggs & shrimps, Chicken breast in curry
  • Danish paté
  • Classic danish "veterinarian's midnight snack"

Vegetarian & Vegan:

Vegans can get served salad instead of "smørrebrød".

Lunch Buffet:

  • Hot dish of the day
  • Selection of cold cuts
  • Seasonal salad
  • 2 kinds of delicious bread

NOTE! Lunch buffet is only possible Monday to Friday.