Food and drinks for your meeting day at CityMeetings

At CityMeetings you have the opportunity to rent a meeting room on an hourly basis and bring your own meals or order take-away and eat in our meeting rooms.

All meeting rooms are equipped with a mini-bar, so you can regularly supply yourself with cold drinks during the meeting.

When booking, you can pre-order our affordable beverage packages with coffee, tea, water and soda ad libitum. Alternatively, you can use our mini-bar and pay for your beverage consumption continuously via MobilePay during the day.

For breakfast, you are welcome to bring your own bread / pastry.
There are e.g. Føtex Food & Lagkagehuset approx. 500 meters from our meeting rooms.

There are 2 options for additional catering, e.g. for lunch:

1) There are many cafes and restaurants in the area that you can visit for lunch.
2) You order some take-away food for lunch with delivery to Amaliegade 36, which you eat in the meeting room.
This can e.g. be from, who has a fine selection of sandwiches, open sandwiches, salads, cakes etc.

It is not possible to bring dinner in our meeting rooms, but there are several good cafes and restaurants in the area that you can visit for dinner.

NOTE! If you have to eat breakfast / lunch in the meeting room before / after, you must rent the room for a longer period of time.

Coffee, tea, bottled water and soda ad libitum

  • 3-4 hours:
    kr. 40,-/person

  • 5-6 hours:
    kr. 50,-/person

  • 7-8 hours:
    kr. 60,-/person

beverage packages must be ordered for minimum 5 p.

Mini-Bar (Beverages)

  • Bottled Water: kr. 25,-

  • Sparkling water: kr. 25,-

  • Coca-cola: kr. 25,-

  • Cola Zero: kr. 25,-

  • Faxe Kondi (sports soda): kr. 25,-

  • Organic Soda: kr. 25,-

  • Carlsberg (Pilsner): kr. 25,-

  • Tuborg (Classic/Pilsner): kr. 25,-

All prices are incl. VAT