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These 5 things are in great demand among meeting bookers

In a study conducted by the global meeting network IACC, it is made clear that new demands are made from meeting participants about meeting facilities, catering, technology and focus on personal development for the meetings.

When you as a meeting planner are planning your next meeting, some of these things that will be your responsibility to make sure is in order.  Other things on the list you have to make sure that the meeting venue can live up to.

Here at CityMeetings we can (of course) live up to the requirements and needs of most meeting planners.

1. Sofas and flexible rooms

Many meeting participants and meeting planners want more active breaks, with the opportunity to sit down in smaller groups and walk around among colleagues.
This means less time in traditional auditoriums and conference rooms and more time in smaller meeting rooms, where it is possible to move chairs, tables and other furniture, so you can get the setup you want for that day.

In addition, more “cozy” places with soft furnishings and sofas are desired both inside the meeting room and areas outside the room, where you can sit in a more relaxed atmosphere.

2. Try something new and team building has (again) become very popular in connection with the meeting

Your meeting participants would like to have some creative breaks in your meetings. Whether your meeting consists of participants who know each other in advance, or if they are unfamiliar to each other, then, according to the study, they want to get to know each other in a different way. We have all become more and more digitized in our everyday lives and spend more time on the internet. Therefore, there has been an increased desire and need to be physically together.
It is both healthy for your further meeting and / or workflow if the participants get to know each other in a different way and it is good for the concentration to get your mind of something completely different for a while.
You can also consider using teambuilding as a reward for a well-executed meeting and ending with some fun exercises or in an Escape Room.

3. Light and delicious meals and more creative breaks

The trend in the whole society is, as we know, that we would like to be healthier and appreciate the possibility of a healthy alternative in everyday life. And it can also be seen when meetings are held. There is an increasing demand for healthy and fresh commodities and it is important that the catering for the meeting can live up to this.
At CityMeetings we only cooperate with quality suppliers, where there is always the possibility of a healthy and delicious meal for your meeting day.

4. Short and targeted meetings

Time is money and time is often in short supply. And it is seen in which locations are booked for meetings. There is a great demand for practical locations that are centrally located where you can quickly hold a meeting, maybe just for a few hours. The meeting must be well planned and result oriented and all meeting participants must know the clear purpose of the meeting before.

5. Focus on personal development

When you hold your next meeting, remember that meeting participants are tired of boring PowerPoint and that the meeting is a course for everyone. Make sure the meeting becomes an experience for the participants eg. with interactive games and try to include elements that focus on the individual participants’ individual needs.For example, use An external consultant, who, through some simple exercises, can give the meeting participants an opportunity for personal development in combination with the academic content of the meeting.

Are you ready facilitate your next meeting?

If you use the advice, good ideas and other things you will find in our blog posts as inspiration for your next meeting day, you are well on your way to the perfect meeting day, with good results.

Remember: at CityMeetings we can always help you on your way to a good meeting day, with the opportunity for Teambuilding and Escape Rooms.

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